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Abrahams Foundation is a non-profit community organisation, formed by a group of passionate activists. We aim to contribute to the fight against the horrendous human rights violation that exists today known as ‘modern day slavery’, specifically human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

With the support of volunteers, promoters, donors and other helpers contributing to our cause, we will see our world freed from sexual slavery.

Abrahams Foundation takes a demand-based approach in its fight against human trafficking. We work hard to build the awareness of sexual slavery and its causes within the community, through campaigns and initiatives. We strive to eradicate sexual slavery by putting programs in place to educate the community of the role each members plays in solving this issue, and how their actions have direct implications on the expansion of sexual slavery.





Abrahams Foundation would like to see a world where no one is bought and sold for sex, where men understand that the purchase of sex means the exploitation of another human being, and that the consequences of their actions are harmful and unacceptable in modern society. Our objective is to educate men to reconsider their actions and ultimately opt against the purchase of commercial sex.

Equality: All individuals are equal.
• We believe that all people are equal, regardless of gender, race, class, and religion.

Freedom: Freedom is a basic right that is afforded to all human at birth.
• Like equality, freedom is a basic and essential human right. No human being should ever be subject to slavery. Abrahams Foundation is committed to ensuring that all human beings are free.

Commitment: Regardless of difficulty, we stay the course.
• Abrahams Foundation, its members and supporters remain committed in the face of adversity to ensure we reach our objectives.

Caring and Compassion: Essential to creating a society
• Abrahams Foundation is built upon caring and compassion for all people. As individuals, we must first have care and compassion for people in order to bring equality to all. These qualities are essential as the building blocks for the world we would like to see in our vision.

Integrity: An individual of virtue
• Operating on basic principles regardless of the rule of law, that is, operating on one’s own moral law. Abrahams Foundation operates in the same manner; we always act with integrity, doing what is right.

Our vision is to eradicate both the demand for commercial sex and eradicate the trafficking of individuals into sexual slavery. Our vision is to create a world where all individuals are free to make their own choices in life and not be subject to servitude of another.
Ideally, we want to achieve our mission whilst ensuring the highest possible safety and well being for those still in the commercial sex industry.

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AWARENESS: The first step in the fight is to build awareness. It is essential that all of us, all mankind, are fully aware of the existence of the abhorrent human rights violation, but importantly understand its causes. Why does this exist? What are the causes?


ACTION: The next step is to take action. It’s one thing to understand that modern slavery exists, but latent knowledge is useless unless you take action on that knowledge. To quote Gandhi, “be the change you want to see in the world.” We must all act on this knowledge, abstain from any form of commercial sex, abstain from the purchase or support of pornography, abstain from sexual services, do not support the sexual commodification of the human body; be it women, children or men. Furthermore, make sure your actions have positive affects to those within your circle, use your knowledge to influence those to do the same and ensure the commercial sex industry is deteriorates into nonexistence. So we all live in a world free from human trafficking and exploitation.


TEACH: Teaching reinforces to the younger generations how they are to act within society. Ensuring they we establish a better society for them to live in, also requires we teach them how to act within that society in order to continue maintaining such a society.

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