So far, January has marked the fantastic beginnings of Abrahams Foundation! We’ve recently launched our official Facebook page with great success, receiving over 100 likes within a 24 hour period, showing the true extent of the community’s support behind us, and importantly their interest in the issue of sex trafficking and what can be done to solve it.

But even more significantly, we had our very first fundraising event on Australia Day. What better day to have a BBQ than on Australia Day. We all know that people love to get involved with the local community groups at Bunnings, and we were no exception. We got amazing feedback from the customers, many of them curious about who we are and what we do.

Overall, the day had a fantastic atmosphere, both from the customers and also the volunteers, as we all pitched in to work towards our goal of eradicating sex trafficking. Our fundraising event was also successful and we raised a significant contribution towards our cause! In the process we sold upwards of 38kgs of sausages, nearly 30 loaves of bread and plenty on onions and tomato sauce in the process!

On behalf of Abrahams Foundation I would like to thank Bunnings Warehouse for supporting local community groups such as ourselves. I would like to thank all the generous support from all the customers we spoke to on Australian Day, and finally to the volunteers for sweating it out in the kitchen to get all the snags out on time.

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