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Abrahams Foundation main objective is to eradicate sex trafficking through the elimination of the commercial sex industry. We aim to achieve this goal primarily through the education of young males (in particular) to promote the awareness of the damage caused to prostituted persons and the effect it has on society. It is imperative that we enlist the help of young men to strengthen the cause. In doing so, we will reject the notion that purchasing people (mostly women and girls) for sexual services is acceptable as this increases the likelihood that this type of behaviour will be accepted by society as a whole. As a result, the next generation will grow up in a more empathetic society free from violence towards women.

Do we want young boys to grow up in a society that believes that we only value women for their body? The only thing of value they can offer is their sexuality? We need to give girls and women real opportunity in life.

At the very least, Abrahams Foundation’s underlying message is one of empathy. If for a moment, we disregard the evidence of exploitation, inequality, the lack of opportunity, the significant number of women (particularly from minority groups) in the industry, at the very least we should apply empathy. We should be caring for the rights of out neighbour, and at the very least understand their situation and help were possible.

The solution is simple: We want all men to take a stand against the idea that anyone (mostly women) can be bought and sold. As a society, we all have the obligation to respect each other, especially to respect women and not subjugate them to a commodity derived with the sole purpose of providing men with pleasure.

Overall, Abrahams Foundation promotes the use of the Nordic Model, in conjunction with Abrahams focuses on re-education, social education and social welfare reform as the best possible method to eradicate the industry whilst minimising the harmful effects of the prostituted people within it. 

Re-education is the best solution, building awareness. In the same way drug education teaches young children and youth the harmful effects of drugs, and anti-smoking campaigns encourage smokers to quit and discourage those to start smoking, Abrahams Foundation focus on educational methods seek to encourage those johns to cease the support of the commercial sex industry and discourage new buyers into the commercial sex industry.

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